2010 Illinois Special Olympics

A couple weeks ago I was asked to participate as a photographer for the 2010 Illinois Special Olympics held at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. I was nervous about the event, which was held last weekend, as it was my first time shooting a sporting event.

SpecialOlympics SpecialOlympics SpecialOlympics

Once the initial nerves wore off, I had a blast. I met several other photographers volunteering at the event, and even had a few near-tear moments watching the excitement of the events and the awards ceremonies where I was hugged so fiercely I think the guy saved me a chiropractic appointment…or caused one. 😉

I decided to forgo sunscreen as it was overcast for most of the day, which resulted in, you called it, a sunburn! I also forgot to bring a water bottle and didn’t get anything to drink until lunch. Despite the sunburn and minor dehydration, it was definitely a rewarding experience. Although I really should learn to bring water with me to events and to pack sunscreen ahead of time.

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