A bit behind

When I moved my blog and website over about a month ago, I lost a couple blog posts in the process and haven’ t had a chance to update since. I just finished going through photos I took on a walk in Belleville back in February. Next on the to-do list is to go through the set of photos from my trip to the Orchid Exhibit at the Botanical Garden in March. The past few weeks (and the next week or so) have me knee-deep in finals and a paper. I’m crawling out of my skin to do something creative, so expect a new photo trip coming from me soon.

I also recently started a knitting/crafters blog for my more crafty endeavors. One neat trick I’ve used for a long time when I need to use the stock flash on my camera is to use a Kleenex or napkin to diffuse the flash. Diffusing the flash can take away the harsh lighting and shadows that can happen when you use flash.

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