Allerton Park

This past weekend, I made a trip up to Champaign/Urbana to visit with family. On the way out of town, my aunt suggested I swing by Allerton Park and take a look around.

The above photo was taken from the observation area on the second floor of the “House of the Golden Buddhas” at the park. I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the couple holding hands as they walked down the path. On the way down, my attention was stolen by the spiral staircase.

The Sunken Garden was another of my favorite spots at the park. I discovered a bit of graffiti scratched into the stone before entering as well.

The park was beautiful and I was able to catch a few nature photos while I was there as well. The trip definitely resulted in a lot of Black and White photographs.

2 thoughts on “Allerton Park

  1. Nice pics Sammi 🙂 I was there many years ago with the girls for a wedding…a really kewl place!

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