This weekend Tim and I decided to do some antique shopping. We made our way to Red Bud, Illinois to a little place called Pumpkin Blosson Hill where they had a little shop with antiques and home made candles. I also founds a Coca-cola box outside with old bottles in it.

We then drove to Waterloo where we had lunch at The Bean Tree Cafe. Tim had their Havarti Grilled Cheese, I had the Grilled Ham & Cheese, both with fruit, including papaya, pears, strawberries, pineapple and fresh blueberries. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

After lunch, we looped our way back through Belleville where we went into a little shop called Lost Treasures. I picked up an antique Whisky bottle to use for loose change, and was able to snap a photo of an Underwood Typewriter the lady had just sold.

On our way home, we stopped in Fairview Heights where we re-visited the St. Clair Antique mall. I asked if I could take some photos and we ended up with some nice Pyrex in addition to the photos.

And of course, I snapped some photos of one of my favorite things: Buttons (also some dice, but lets face it, they’ve got nothing on a jar full of buttons).

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