August Back Roads

A couple weeks ago I went down to visit with my sister in Lebanon, Illinois. On my way back home, I took the scenic route and grabbed a few photos on my way. There’s something about driving around and getting a little lost on country roads that will always appeal to me. There’s a sense of wonder coming across abandoned farmsteads, a curiosity to explore the country side where people still take the time to wave hello.

Unfortunately, there will also be times with those in a big hurry, or who feel the need to zoom past you or honk if you are pulled to the side of the road. Even though your hazard lights are on and you are fully on the shoulder… 😛 Still, it is always good to try to be safe when you are stopping to take photos along the back roads as it can be pretty dangerous to stop and take a photo even when you do have your hazard lights on.

One thought on “August Back Roads

  1. I used to love going on road trips with my girls in Minnesota. You never knew where you would end up and everyone knew where everything was. Still love road trips! Happy Days Sami <3 🙂

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