Butterfly House March Morpho Mania

Last weekend, some friends and I visited the Missouri Butterfly House for their March Morpho Mania event. During this event, thousands of beautiful morpho butterflies surround visitors. During our time inside, four or five had landed on my shoulders, back, and even on top of my head.

The morpho butterflies’ exterior wings are covered in brown, yellow, cream, and pink eye spots. It takes patience to catch them with their wings open long enough to take a photo, but when they do, you are met with a brilliant blue interior with white dots speckled over the black border of their wings.

Some of the wings take on a purple hue while others have a deeper blue.

While the morpho butterflies were the star of the event, many other butterflies were fluttering around the sanctuary.

The Missouri Butterfly House remains one of my favorite places to visit!

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