Cardinals & Bikes

Last weekend I decided to drag my camera out with me when I made a trip out to the Loop and Botanical Gardens. While at the Botanical Gardens, I caught some Cardinals outside the climatron. Sadly, every time I would get close enough to get one without twigs in the way, they’d fly away.

The Cardinal in the shot below, in particular, made me want to open up Photoshop (something I don’t do a lot of) and test out my skills at removing the twig in front of the Cardinal, that for me, is ruining the shot. I may still try my hand at removing it.

While chasing after the Cardinals, I was also able to catch a shot of a Junco and a White Throated Sparrow (the one that has the pretty yellow markings above the eyes).

At the Loop, what caught my eye was a more stationery prey: graffiti and chained-up bicycles.

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