I’m back!

Sometimes a lot of life fits into a short period of time. This time it’s kept me away almost 8 months. So here’s the short and long of it…

In July, after completing my degree in accounting earlier in the year, I started a new job at a local accounting firm.

In September I went to Ireland, something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time! And it definitely did not disappoint. I will do a series of posts to showcase my trip and show you Ireland’s beautiful countryside and urban details.

In December, we get into darker territory. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had surgery pretty quickly thereafter. I am now short one thyroid gland, but am extremely fortunate to have caught it this early. The risks are very low that it will come back.

In anticipation of some time off work to recover from surgery, my Christmas present to myself was ordering art supplies. The artwork above was actually inspired by the ultrasound of my thyroid, and this was one way for me to work through some of my anger and depression after being diagnosed. My husband fondly calls it “Exploding Skittles” which is an apt title.

I’ve also been experimenting with watercolors, which inspired me to create some bookmarks – small, fun, and easy to try out different techniques!

With my new art projects, I decided now was as good a time as any to begin revamping my website. I am still working on completing everything, so keep an eye out for changes and new galleries!