Crown Valley Tiger Sanctuary

A few weeks ago, a friend took me to the Crown Valley Tiger Sanctuary in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The sanctuary has one lion, Alexis. She looks meaner than she is. I caught her mid-yawn that looks more like mid-growl, but she mostly ignored us and napped during our tour.

2016 05 21 0018 Crown Valley 2016 05 21 0017 Crown Valley

Several of the tigers were also out, though they were sleepy, and too close to the bars to get anything great.

2016 05 21 0013 Crown Valley 2016 05 21 0016 Crown Valley

After the Tiger Sanctuary, we made our way to the Crown Valley Brewery for lunch and a tasty hard cider. The scenery on our way to and from the sanctuary was beautiful.

2016 05 21 0025 Crown Valley

We ended up on some never-ending back roads and discovered a few barns along the way as well.

2016 05 21 0020 Crown Valley 2016 05 21 0024 Crown Valley

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