A friend of mine stumbled upon this building a few months ago with a Demolition Notice posted on it. A couple weeks back we decided to stop by for a quick visit mid-bird watching outing. I haven’t been back yet, but it’s likely this place will be torn down before the year is out. I’m glad my friend and I were able to capture some shots of it before it’s demolition.

I didn’t go in or get too close to the building, though I did walk around the gravel and I noticed a cooler sitting there (photograph below). I will admit, when I bent down to snap this photo, I heard and saw out of the corner of my eye a bag move and nearly had a coronary. Neither my friend or I were brave enough to open the cooler for fear of what might be inside. Though likely, if anything, it is just someone’s very old left overs.

The building is located in Caseyville, Illinois and if anyone knows what type of business used to be there, or what happened that earned it it’s Demolition Notice, I’d love to know!

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