Desert Show

This weekend, Tim and I drove down to visit with my family and our friends. While in the area, we decided to hit up two of my favorite St. Louis places: Trader Joes (where we picked up some quinoa and organic lemonade) and the Botanical Gardens. This was the last weekend of the Garden’s Desert Show, so we got tickets and decided to take a peak.

I was surprised by how much there was to look at in such a small space. Every time I turned around there was color and texture drawing my attention to something new.

Some of my favorite shots ended up black and white, where the textures really popped out.

2 thoughts on “Desert Show

  1. I really enjoy how you see the plants…in a different light. Thanks for the photos Sami 🙂

  2. Ok your blog says I said that already… but I do really like how well you photograph flowers and I enjoy seeing them. 🙂
    Thankyou gal

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