Fulton, IL – Heritage Canyon

This weekend, Tim and I went to visit my aunt and cousin before my cousin leaves for the Navy in August. We spent Saturday sight seeing in Northern Illinois where we ended up at Heritage Canyon in Fulton, Illinois. On our walk around one of the building, we heard a “sploosh” from the pond and found several frogs swimming and lounging about.

I had gone to Fulton with my aunt several years ago, back when I was shooting with film, and my photos of the old post office hadn’t come out. I was excited to get a chance to capture them again. It makes me wish my current P.O. Box had this kind of charm.

In addition to Fulton, we also went wine tasting at Wide River Winery in Iowa (where I found a wine I like that wasn’t a moscato), did a teensy bit of hiking, had tasty (greasy) burgers at a biker bar on our way home, and even went to see a live band before calling it a night. And best of all, I got to spend some time with my cousin and aunt, who I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like.

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