Ghost Towns, Colorado

On our last day trip before leaving Durango, Colorado, Tim and I spent the day searching for ghost towns. We drove up to Silverton, a little town nestled in the mountains, and made our way from there. We took a couple different scenic, albeit a little rough, mountain roads where we enjoyed the amazing views and the spring water features.

Along the way, we discovered various abandoned buildings, rusting equipment, and signs that the road ahead would be getting a little rougher.

We eventually ended up in Howardsville, Colorado.

From there we took a so freshly cleared mountain road that we ran into the plow on the way up and had to back half a block down the mountain to an area where he could pass. It was not the best idea of ours, but the GPS said we were only a mile away from our end destination of Animas Forks. After nearly an hour going about 5 miles an hour or less, Tim and I reached the top. Within five minutes, we experienced a blizzard, heard an avalanche, and met some fellow travelers who were from Ohio.

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