Grand Canyon

While it didn’t take five months to get through these photos, it definitely took longer than I would have wanted! And in the process of uploading these photos, I ran across photos from my trip to the MOBOT Lantern Festival in August that I thought I’d posted, but hadn’t (whoops). I’ll update with those photos sometime this month.

In October, I went to Flagstaff with one of my closest friends. We spent time hiking in the area, including at Walnut Canyon and Sunset Crater (though we apparently weren’t high enough to actually see the crater). While at Walnut Canyon, we explored the dwellings built there. The one mile trail didn’t seem too daunting at first, but the trail descends 185 feet into the canyon, which was the only way in and out. Nothing reminds you of how out of shape you are than hiking up 185 feet of stairs! Below is a close up of the stones at the face of one of the dwellings and if you look closely in the photo on the right you can see the dwellings that were across the canyon (about 2/3rd way down the photo in the middle).

We did a sunset tour of the Grand Canyon, which definitely gave us a beautiful view of the canyon, but it didn’t give us much time to take photos. I ended up returning the next day on my own to get more shots.


Next day:

It was a great trip and a much needed vacation!

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