Grayville, IL

Last weekend, a friend and I went on a re-visit to Grayville, Illinois where her mother went to high school in the 1970s. The high school had long since been abandoned and my friend and I have visited a few times over the years to take photos. On our last visit, we discovered that a bad storm had taken out most of the library and half of the second flood was caved in. Curiosity led me up the stairs on that last trip to see what was left of the second half that remained. This visit, that was not possible.

Last summer a couple of kids set the building ablaze, leaving it in the state we see now.

What’s left of the building is the bare bones of the structure, piles of bricks and walls that look like a strong wind would take them down. It’s a sad end for a building that’s been around for over a century, although it turns out the building was already slated for demolition. For more information on the fire and building, you can read this article.

Behind the high school is a shop area that was added to the high school. All that’s left are a few chairs, piles of debris, and lots of rust.

And of course, a trip to Grayville isn’t complete without stumbling across some creepy dolls that have been left behind.

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