Grayville, IL

A few years ago I made a trip with a few friends to Grayville, IL where one of my friends mothers had gone to high school. It was a short trip and I’ve always wanted to go back and explore the place more. Last weekend my friend and I did just that.

Since our last visit the (what used to be the) school’s library had caved in, and the parking lot was even more overgrown with grass. The crisscross pattern reminded me somewhat of hopscotch.

There were enough mattresses, stuffed animals and dolls to give me the heebie-jeebies the whole time we were there. The first image below on the left creeped me out enough that I almost didn’t post it. Meanwhile my friend thought we should have added a chalk outline for the next person exploring the building… Creepiness aside, only the dampness, rain, and probability of a ceiling caving in really prevented us from fully exploring. 😀

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