Helena Bonham Carter Inspired Photo Shoot

4:45a.m. Alarm clock
5:00a.m. Leave house
5:30a.m. Meet up with photographer friend Kara Pritchard
6:00a.m. Arrive at City Garden for photo shoot with model Jen Yoder.

The above is how my Sunday yesterday started. Kara and I met up with our model, Jen Yoder, for a photo shoot inspired by actress Helena Bonham Carter from Sweeney Todd. We roamed around City Garden, got a few shots in before the sun rose, and then made good use of the early morning light and finished up the shoot around 8a.m. Through the course of the morning we had Jen walking in water, running through the middle of the street, jumping off benches, and thoroughly confusing the morning joggers.

Jen Yoder Jen Yoder Jen Yoder

You can see the photos on my Facebook page.

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