Horseshoe Lake

The day after my friend and I visited the Crown Valley Tiger Sanctuary, we decided to end my weekend with her at Horseshoe Lake, looking for blue herons and any other wildlife we may run across. I first spotted several turtles sitting on logs in the middle of a pond near the lake.

2016 05 22 0003 Horseshoe Lake

We also spotted several blue herons and great white egrets.

2016 05 22 0024 Horseshoe Lake 2016 05 22 0021 Horseshoe Lake

The most unique and unusual bird we spotted was a juvenile bald eagle. I spotted a large bird across a field and my first thought was “well, that’s a big bird… can’t be an owl, it’s noon, can’t be an eagle…holy crap it’s an eagle”. We trekked a little more than halfway through the field before he took flight to get away from us.

2016 05 22 0014 Horseshoe Lake 2016 05 22 0017 Horseshoe Lake

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