Horseshoe Lake

The weekend before last, a friend and I went out on a photo run to Horseshoe Lake in hopes of catching some Great White Egrets or Blue Herons. Before we headed out I took a few minutes while waiting to get some shots of the Irises in her front yard.

After we left, we made our way to Horseshoe Lake, grabbed lunch in Caseyville at the Happy Cow, and headed down to Holten State Park in East St. Louis.

The first image above is a Glossy Ibis. My friend spotted it in the grass and we were trying to identify it when it took off and flew across the park (Holten State Park). The middle photo is a Cattle Egret and I believe a Mallard Duck. And the last photo is of a Great White Egret that decided to walk across the street in front of us out at Horseshoe Lake. Below is probably my favorite shot from the day, a Blue Heron in flight.

During the day we also stopped by an abandoned building that my friend had noticed a few weeks before with a demolition notice posted. We ended our day in Mascoutah at a small lake off 177 where we ran into more of our feathered friends. I’m splitting this photo run into a few posts and will update with more photos soon.

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