Illinois: Birds and Abandoned Places

This interruption in Ireland updates is brought to you by… birds and abandoned places. My first photo outing after my trip to Ireland was to the Emiquon Preserve on the look out for birds and other wildlife. 

They proved to be elusive and these were the only two wildlife, both Great White Egrets, I was able to spot. The area was beautiful, though, and our visit to Dixon Mounds nearby made this preserve an area I will want to visit again. 

On our way to Emiquon, we stumbled across an abandoned school and couldn’t help but to stop and take a look around. Drawn to textures and details, the first thing I noticed was the patterns in the broken glass. I still think the photo on the left looks like a wolf.


There were also places where nature had taken over… plants climbing up windows, moss covering the floor.


And a look down the hallway seemed foreboding.


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