Ireland: Hook Lighthouse and Tintern Abbey

The middle of our Ireland trip landed us near Hook Lighthouse and Tintern Abbey. We stopped in the small cafe by the Lighthouse to seek refuge from the rain and charge our camera batteries.


The rain didn’t let up while we were there, so we were only able to get a few photos while shielding our cameras from the rain. My favorite is of two chairs facing the lighthouse with the misty waters behind them.

We drove in the rain to get to Tintern Abbey before they closed. Unfortunately, when we arrived, no one was there so we weren’t able to go inside the building, only walk around the outside.


While walking around the outside, we met another traveler hoping to find someone able to let us in. While we didn’t run across anyone to let us in, we did spot some snails on one of the walls and chatted for a bit before heading off to our next stop.


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