Ireland: Kilkenny

After visiting Dublin, our next stop in Ireland was Kilkenny. We started at Kilkenny Castle.


The architectural details of the outside were just as impressive on the inside, with ornate carvings and beautiful windows throughout the castle.


We also stopped in a local church to light a candle for Tim’s grandfather who had passed away shortly before our trip. 


We spent the rest of time in Kilkenny walking around the city. Most of what caught my eye were the beautifully painted doorways and unique door knockers and keyholes.


Our last stop before settling in for the night was a trip to Dunmore Cave where we arrived just in time to sneak into the last tour for the evening. So many stairs, and so much green at the entrance of the cave! Apparently it was the site of a viking massacre in 928 AD. We were told a story of the locals coming to the cave to escape the vikings only to have the vikings set fires outside the cave in an attempt to smoke them out. Instead, the vikings essentially stole their supply of oxygen and those seeking refuge inside suffocated. 




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