Ireland: Wexford

When we first arrived in Wexford, we found a beautiful place to hike. First along the beach where I participated in a long standing family tradition…collecting sea shells and rocks. We didn’t know we would end up at the beach, so I used my (and my husband’s) pockets until we were able to recycle a plastic popcorn bag to hold them all.


At this same spot, opposite from the beach, we found a hiking trail into the woods. The only other people we saw were a couple picking wild blackberries and another couple walking their dogs.


The next day before we left Wexford, we visited the Irish National Heritage Park where we were met by a half-winged statue where someone had placed a flower.

Our guide was phenomenal as we joined a group touring the park, where we saw stone age camp sites, megalithic tombs (on the left below), bronze age stone circles (on the right), a medieval ringfort,  a christian monastery, viking harbor and so much more.


There was a surprising amount of moss blanketing many rocks and branches throughout the park. 

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