Japanese Festival

Last weekend, Tim and I went with a friend to the Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was HOT out for a Labor Day weekend, which meant taking breaks and not staying as long as we might have otherwise. But it also meant catching shots of the dragonflies that like to lay out in the sun, and some who like to do a little more than lay out…

I also captured some new plants and flowers, including some beautiful reds and purples.

And of course, half of the trips to the Botanical Garden are accompanied by a trip to the Butterfly House…

The day I run out of butterflies to chase at the Butterfly House will be a sad day indeed. Even though we practically melted off several pounds of sweat, I had an amazing time following the butterflies, and even meeting some fellow photographers. And I was able to get some new shots of one of my favorite butterflies (ok, I love them all), the Clipper. 🙂

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