Land Between the Lakes

Whew! Busy does not even begin to describe the last couple of months. I started classes at a new university and am now considered a full time student in addition to my day job at a law office. My time gets eaten up left and right and my schedule hasn’t left me much time to devote to taking, editing, or posting my photos.

But!! I have been squeezing in as much as I can and a few weeks ago, I was able to squirrel away (pun intended) an entire 3-day weekend to visit my grandma in Tennessee. We decided to go to the Land Between the Lakes Nature Station. We saw hummingbirds at the feeders in their garden, as well as many other birds and animals throughout the nature station, including the red wolves shown above. One of the oddest things I have ever seen was the squirrel above, gnawing away on what my grandma first thought was a nut. Then the squirrel moved and as it paused on the fence, we realized it was chewing on a skull. The best guess we have is that it was either sharpening its teeth, or trying to get calcium. Very strange!

One of the other days we were visiting, we decided to spend the day antiquing. I visited this place a few years back, and I love coming back. Not only did I stumble across some cool old medicine bottles, I also found a little piece of home, from Belleville, Illinois. The rest of the time was spent focusing in on the textures and details of all the odds and ends kept outside.

From fence posts, to rusting pans and tools…

And old machinery… There are always interesting details you find at an antique/junk shop.

I will never tire of this kind of adventure!

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