Memorial Weekend

This past Memorial Weekend I went to visit my grandma down in Tennessee to help her organize her yarn (and got some additions to my own stash as well). It was boiling hot, but I brought my camera along just in case we got out and did some exploring. About 20 minutes before we got there, we noticed a little antique/junk shop and stopped by. I asked if it was alright to take some photos and spent a good chunk of time exploring the place (and trying to avoid the wasps *shudder*).

While there, the heat kept us indoors for most of the trip, but we made a trek up to the Homestead at Land Between the Lakes. Once the weather cools down a bit, this place definitely merits a second trip.

On our way back, we made a point of taking the scenic route and spent most of our time on the back roads of Illinois. We made pit stops in Metroplis and Chester, Illinois, and somewhere along the back roads we found a great hiking spot where I had a run-in with a dancing spider (a jumping spider that was either preparing to pounce, or trying to court me…) and a deer staring at me from behind the grass.

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