Miles Mausoleum

On Labor Day, a friend and I decided to do some exploring in Southern Illinois. One of the more interesting things we stumbled upon was Eagle Cliff/Miles Cemetery, home of the Miles Mausoleum, built in 1858. Below is a view of the Mausoleum from below the cliff, as well as an image looking down from the cemetery.

Where it was once plagued by vandalism and covered in graffiti, it has now been restored and is monitored by video to prevent this beautiful vault from further harm.

The cemetery was also filled with old gravestones, several with intricate images and designs.

2 thoughts on “Miles Mausoleum

  1. Nice little story on the Miles cemetery. I haven’t been there since the flood of 93′. The ticks weren’t as bad then. Pat in O’Fallon has gravestone similiar to that Weeping Willow one. One day I would like to take you and your friend down to Piney Creek Ravine (You drive 🙂 to see the Prehistoric Indian Petroglyphs…if you have never been…it is awesome!! 🙂 Lots of hidden ones ~ They need more respect too. Wish they could figure out a way to keep them from being trashed totally.

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