Missouri Botanical Garden 2013

Since my last update, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. I moved, started a new job, got engaged, and bought a new house…all in the last 5 weeks!

Before this coming weekend’s big move (into the new house), my friend Kara and I decided to sneak in a visit to one of our favorite places, the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Even though it’s May, the heat and humidity made us wonder if we’d skipped a few months and had ended up in July. I spent a lot of time hiding out in the shaded areas, where I caught a glimpse of a bumble bee pollinating flowers.

There was also an entire garden dedicated to Irises where I took advantage of my macro lens.

Our last stop before we headed out was the climatron, where we captured some more tropical plants. Given the weather, it was almost a reprieve from the heat and humidity outside.

One thought on “Missouri Botanical Garden 2013

  1. Great flower pics Sam…love the litte critters in nature…bee’s and beetle catching a snack! Have a great life 🙂 <3

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