MO Botantical Garden

The weekend before last, I went to the MO Botanical Garden to see their Orchid Exhibit for the second time. The first time was a trip taken with my mother, who hovered over me directing my shots, leaving me unable to properly focus on what I was doing. (Family, you gotta love ’em). This time, equipped with my macro lens, I was determined to take my time and to not let the cameras auto settings persuade me to their evil ways.

Orchid Orchid Orchid

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals. As an artist, I hope I never stop feeling challenged. There’s always room for improvement, with any artist, at any level, and I hope I never see myself as reaching a plateau or thinking that there is nothing more for me to learn. When I first got into photography I used an all manual film camera (the Canon AE-1), but when I made the switch over to digital, I got lazy and started using the ‘auto’ feature far too often. My current challenge to not let myself flick to switch on my camera to auto. The trip to the Botanical Garden was one of my first all manual shoots in a while. The first of many.

To other artists, or anyone else really, what are your goals? How do you keep yourself challenged? What motivates you?

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