MOBOT Orchid Show 2015

The photos that took 5 months to edit! Between work and school, there isn’t much time left for my photography. Every time I would sit down to edit photos, I would remember a school project I needed to be working on, or we’d have plans with family and friends, or the house would be a mess…But I finally had the chance to sit down and get through all of my orchid photos.

2015 March 08 (7954) MOBOT Orchid Show-79

I find it interesting how similar the orchids look to little people or fairies…in funny dresses perhaps, but human-like all the same.

2015 March 08 (7891) MOBOT Orchid Show-692015 March 08 (7885) MOBOT Orchid Show-68

And of course the colors always pop.

2015 March 08 (7568) MOBOT Orchid Show-222015 March 08 (7651) MOBOT Orchid Show-43

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