MOBOT Orchid Show 2016

Last weekend I had a rare slice of free time and used it to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show with my mother. I am always blown away by how many orchids they fit into the space and the array of colors.

That orchids have such variety between breeds always impresses me. From the colors to the varying textures and smells, orchids are easily one of my favorite flowers. Some have curly petals.

Some have such tiny blooms you almost don’t notice them at first… like these blooms that grow out of big green leaves, or these mini purple orchids about the size of my fingernail that look like they have wings.

Some have little buckets to collect rain water.

Some grow in bunches, looking almost insect-like, others look more like leaves. Whatever the variety, they are always unique and a pleasure to experience in person.

I look forward to this show every year and it is always a treat.

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