New Salem, Illinois

This past weekend was the first one in a while where Tim and I had the whole weekend to ourselves. We spent most of it unpacking boxes and trying to organize the space at the new house… just in time for my mom to visit. The house is no where near guest ready, but it was fun to walk her around the house and talk about all my plans for it someday, eventually, being exactly how we want it. 🙂

After spending most of Saturday unpacking, organizing, and generally running around like crazy people, we decided to spend Sunday enjoying a nice drive through the back roads of Illinois, where we ended up at the historic site of New Salem, Illinois.

New Salem, Illinois is state historical site where they’ve recreated the village where Abraham Lincoln spent his early adulthood. There were log cabins, some that you could walk into an explore, and some that you could only peak into the windows of.

It was a great excuse to get outside and explore more of Illinois while enjoying the beautiful (albeit mosquito infested and humid) weather. We spent some time at the local “inn” of the village, talking to a volunteer about all of the chores the family had to do each day, including how they made waffles over the fire with a heavy cast iron waffle press. I held the press, and I honestly have no idea how they did that for the whole family in addition to whatever guests stayed – not just the weight, but it was hard to balance to open the press without spilling the contents. Those girls must have been a lot more graceful than I am, and had to have had arms of steal!

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  1. Hi Sam enjoyed the pictures and the waffle story. Sounds nice having your own place. Happy Life to you and Tim 🙂 Love Ya gal

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