New Yard + Butterfly House

Just a few weeks ago, my fiance and I closed on our new house! A few people have been asking for photos of the house, which, as it’s still currently strewn with boxes and items that haven’t found their home yet, isn’t going to happen.

However, I did get a chance to take a few photos of the flowers currently blooming in my backyard. I LOVE my new yard! Now, if only I could get the rest of the house unpacked and put together…

We also took the day yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather, and visit one of my favorite places: The Butterfly House.

It is one of my all time favorite places to visit in the St. Louis area. Even though I’ve been there a number of times, I’m amazed how often I am able to capture a photo of a butterfly that I haven’t seen or haven’t been fast enough to photograph before.

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