Salt Lake City, Utah

I haven’t had a chance to update since January. Why not, you ask? I haven’t taken any photos since January…Crazy, I know. But! I will make up for it in the next few weeks. First with photos from Salt Lake City, where my husband and I (Yes, I got married!) stopped first on our honeymoon. Then with photos from the gorgeous Moab, Utah and Durango, Colorado.

Our first stop after a 19+ hour drive into Salt Lake City was…a botanical garden. Surprised? Neither was Tim. He thought it was ironic that our first stop in Salt Lake City was the Red Butte Garden, even before we checked into our hotel. 🙂

After visiting the garden, we went to dinner at one of the most highly recommended restaurants in the area, Log Haven (it was worth it) before finally checking in to our hotel for a good night’s rest. In the morning, we decided to visit Temple Square. The temple was definitely a sight to see.

So were the various sculptures around the square.

The entire area was covered in signs of spring: photographers, laughing children, and of course flowers. Including my favorite flowers, bleeding hearts.

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