Shaw Nature Reserve

Last weekend I made an accidental trip out to one of my favorite hiking places, the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri. I had gone to drop inventory off at Fusion in the Chesterfield mall. Afterward we went to grab some lunch and go for a drive on the back roads of Missouri. We eventually ended up at a sign that said Gray Summit was only 10 miles away, so we headed that way.

I did a bit of bird watching/chasing before starting on our hike. I caught one mid-flight and mid-snack, and another that refused to look my way. Not long after starting the hike, I came upon one of my all time favorite places to rest, the gazebo, and a bit after that another favorite, a little stone house with a grass roof.

The hike was a bit colder than I’m used to, but the bare trees were worth the chill.

And as I got home, I couldn’t resist getting another shot of the moon.

One thought on “Shaw Nature Reserve

  1. Love your pictures Sammi…and how you view your world and the critters. Thanks for sharing! <3 Liz & Brenna 🙂 Amzing the trees have lost their leaves…usually that happens in Washington State first…still end of peak color here on 1 Nov 2012

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