St. Louis Zoo

For my birthday last month, I took the day off to visit my mom and make a trip to one of our favorite places, the St. Louis Zoo.

2016 04 28 0011 STLZoo 2016 04 28 0010 STLZoo

We headed straight for the big cat area where we spotted most of the big cats taking naps and ignoring the onlookers. One exception was the lion enclosure.

2016 04 28 0015 STLZoo 2016 04 28 0016 STLZoo

Not realizing the zoo closed at 5:00, we had taken our time grabbing a late lunch and chatting, so we didn’t get to the zoo until just after 3:00.

2016 04 28 0039 STLZoo 2016 04 28 0037 STLZoo

While this didn’t leave us a lot of time to explore, we were able to spot some pretty neat animals, including the flamingos above and the red panda who seemed a little restless and did not want to stay still long enough to pose for a photo.

2016 04 28 0002 STLZoo

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