Just got back from my first trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The rain prevented me from getting out and shooting more, and as a result I probably shot a tenth of what I normally shoot. I did get to break out the studio lights again and do some portraits for a friend, which resulted in an hour long battle with my lights and/or trigger, which only set the flash off about half of the time, perhaps less. I have been trying to trouble shoot the problem and have concluded that I have techy gremlins following me around. The times the light would go off were when I either 1. swore like a sailor or 2. looked away from the camera. I am hoping it is just a matter of getting a new trigger, or replacing the batteries on something. Heaven forbid it be a problem with the hotshoe mount on my camera.

Ambling around downtown Tulsa led my friend Heather and I to find, among other things, a huge planter with miscellaneous keys strewn about inside. We grabbed some up and they are now sitting in a Ziploc bag waiting for me to do something with them. I am debating making some sort of wind-chime, or giving them to someone more crafty than I to do something fun.

While perusing around an antique shop with Heather, I found another cash register. Yes, I am probably insane, but I bargained them down to a third of the asking price and couldn’t resist grabbing it up. So, I now have a huge, heavy, metal-buttoned cash register sitting in my trunk. Alas, it did not come with a key, so it will take some skill and persistence to crack it open and have my way with its inner-workings. I will probably not be ready for this project for a while, but I anticipate it will be fun, frustrating, and epically awesome.

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