My friend Rob usually keeps me company at the flea market each month. When things are slow, he’ll sometimes wander off in hopes of finding something that catches my eye. Over the months, he’s picked up on my tastes, and has found some great finds for me. The weekend before last he uncovered one of the best finds yet—a Corona typewriter for only $10! This weekend I decided to put it to good use.

I washed and dried my backdrop (twice, thanks to my kitties), then set up a makeshift studio in my kitchen and got to work. The result: 19 new photos.

TypeWriter TypeWriter TypeWriter

I played around on the keys, but otherwise left the typewriter untouched. I like the dust and the antique, grungy, almost steam-punk feel to the images. I would try to use the typewriter, but unfortunately, the owner said that it’s no longer functional. So next time I play around with it, I may clean it off and take some more photos of it. Then I’ll deconstruct it, or at least pop the keys off to use in other craft projects. This should be fun …

TypeWriter TypeWriter

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