World Bird Sanctuary

Today I made a trip out to visit with a friend who volunteers at the World Bird Sanctuary. As an added bonus, I got to get a peak at some of the non-public areas of the sanctuary. One of the first places we stopped was where they keep some of the eagles, including Diablo, a tawny eagle who greeted us with what can only be described as barking.

We also went into one of the enclosures that housed several owls, hawks, including Wagner, the red tailed hawk below and Oracle, an african augur buzzard.

One of the barn owls, Cupid, put on a show for us, what my friend Mike called toe dusting, where he hopped from foot to foot, shook his head side to side, and did a little dance. Apparently as if to say “Hey, I’m weird, stay away, never know what I might do! K? Thanks.” Reece, the great horned owl below, tried the glaring approach to keep me at bay.

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